It’s been 2 years now

AutumnLast time one here was 2 years ago. I noticed I come one here like every 2 years since 2013. Always ready to get this blog going but now I think of it as a funny place to write a few sentences as if I were catching up with an old acquaintance. Not friend because I never take it that deep one here. Maybe it’s time I do.


It takes purposeful action.

I have always thought I should just feel happy. Sometimes it actually takes purposeful actions and thinking  in order to be happy. I realized I can’t keep getting down on myself for not waking up happy. What I can do is make a choice when I start my day setting the intentions of not worrying and feeling down. Something as simple as just letting yourself know you are not accepting the bullshit and pity party can change the entire day.

It’s been a little over a year.

I am reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I have read 89 pages without putting it down. I am reading it like I am starving and the words are filling my up. I can’t believe that I am reading what I am feeling. I almost cried because she said there are treasures inside that want to come forth. My blog was created 3 years ago and I named it Released Words because I have so many words and feelings all bottled inside. They are contained because of many reasons that she has hit on the head also. She gives many examples of fears we have but the main thing is to be brave above all.

Here I come. 😉

One of my favorite quotes.

One of my favorite quotes is a Navajo Proverb.

You can’t wake a person who is pretending to be asleep.

The reason I love this proverb is because it applies to so many people in my life. I need to remind myself of this when I lose my patience with difficult people who are rude.

I can’t explain anything to them or try to get them to understand because understanding is not the problem, the problem is they don’t want to understand.

It has been awhile. Way over 2 years.

This blog started out simple with inspiring pictures and quotes. I have developed much more deeply since my last post. I have learned and expected that I have to live boldly by sharing myself with the world. I am much more deeper than the simple pics and quotes. That was me not living openly.

Change, living boldly, courage

Change, living boldly, courage